Templateify - Post Shortcodes

How To Setup Templateify Post Shortcodes

Templateify Shortcodes are functions developed by our team to facilitate the insertion of buttons, alerts, contact form, code box and even sidebar alignment, these functions are very flexible and easy to set up, and even if you do not have experience with codes you will have no difficulty in adding them.

How To Setup?

1.1 - Layout and Contact Form

Full Width: full-width
Left Sidebar: left-sidebar
Right Sidebar: right-sidebar
Contact Form: contact-form


1.2 - Post Buttons

Available Icons: preview, download, link, cart, share, info
Default Button: Button Text/button
Button With Icon: Button Text/Icon/button
Default Button Colored: Button Text/button/Color
Button With Icon Colored: Button Text/Icon/button/Color


1.3 - Alert Boxes

Shortcodes: alert-successalert-info, alert-warning, alert-error.

Write whatever you want, add the Strikethrough style on it all, and add the shortcode in with the bold style.


1.4 - Code Box

Shortcode: code-box.
Add the Code with Strikethrough style, and add the shortcode with the bold style.


Video Tutorial